LiBER – Lithium Battery per l’Emilia Romagna

The transition towards a sustainable development of the society requires also mobility to address this new challenge.

The LiBER project, based on a pre-existing technology developed at the network’s laboratories, aims at providing a methodology for the development of a Battery Pack constituted by a relevant number of cylindrical cells (between 1,000 and 10,000) and to start with base modules (brick) realized with an automated, qualified process.

The solution offers characteristics such as modularity, quality, easy integration, low costs, active and passive safety, local and remote diagnostics, re-use and second life, which are difficult to obtain with the solutions currently on the market.

At the same time, the project addresses the aspects of product and process technological development, integrating the research activity to different sectors: structural mechanics, thermal-fluid dynamics, electrics, electronics, materials, automation and robotics, automated controls, telecommunications, big data analytics, quality control.

The LiBER project is based on a pre-existing base technology developed at the network’s laboratories and validated on competition vehicles, taking them to a development and qualification level that will make the industrialization and marketing phases faster and safer.

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