NIER Ingegneria (founded in 1977) is a technical-scientific consultancy company, with expertise in reliability and safety analyses in highly regulated sectors, which require high safety standards and specific assessment procedures. The main areas where NIER operates include transportations, biomedical, chemical and energy applications.

NIER has interdisciplinary teams involving electronic, mechanical, energy, IT and environmental engineers.

The evolving and challenging context, the growing complexity of systems and the pervasive use of technology and software, particularly in safety-critical contexts, has allowed NIER to evolve and do research to improve their services. Recently, machine learning and data analysis skills have been developed, to face the increasing data-driven applications. NIER is an accredited Laboratory of Reta Alta Tecnologia of Emilia Romagna.


NIER is in charge of the safety and qualification analyses of the Battery Pack (BP) prototype, according to the corresponding standards. In particular, the activity is carried out following the ISO 26262 standard “Road vehicles – Functional safety”, that include the main guidelines and recommendations for functional safety in vehicles. . The main purpose of the safety analysis is to outline the requirements for the electrical, electronic, structural and BP control-system design. The activities carried out include the study of the system, of its components and their interactions, the study of failure modes, considering also the BMS and the safety critical functions that it implements. NIER is also involved in predictive maintenance activities, by means of data and signal analysis.


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